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Yoga- A Practice Tool to Get Body In Shape

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Yoga - A Practice Tool to Get Body In Shape

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Yoga is an ancient discipline that provides both spiritual and physical benefits and helps to improve health and happiness of human beings. Not only it plays a major role in improvement of concentration, cardiovascular system, and metabolism of the body but it also improves physical fitness to a great extent. That's why yoga is widely practiced all around the world. Here are some yogasans which will have a positive effect on your mind and soul. They will also help you to stay in shape.

1) Paschimottanasana (Bent Knee Trunk Flexion)
In this yogasan, sit on the floor with your legs stretched. Then bend your Spine and try to touch the tip the toe. Your knees should not bend during this process. Once you get grip of your feet, bend and touch your nose to the knees. Thisexercise is very helpful in reducing belly fat and strengthening waist.

2) BaddhaKonasana (Cobbler pose)
In this yogasan, sit with straight Spine and bend legs from knees so that the address of the soles of feet touches each other. Hold the both ankles, Inhale deeply and slowly take the shoulder blades backwards. Exhale and maintain the posture by pressing the soles as long as you feel comfortable. This posture helps in toning of thighs and glutes.

3) Plank
This yogasan involves Lying on ground by taking your body weight on your elbows and toes. Do not touch any other body parts on the ground. Inhale and hold your breath for some time and then exhale slowly. Hold your position for thirty seconds to a minute or longer depending on your capability. This exercise is very helpful in strengthening of core and upper abdominal muscles.

4) Triangle
This exercise involves wide spreading of legs and touching the feet slowly bending sideways for both the legs. This helps in maintaining shape of the waist and removes extra fat from the abdomen. There are many yogasans which can be done for overall fitness of the body. You can join best gyms in Chandigarh for yoga classes to have its maximum benefits.