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Body Zone envisions being the best gym in North India and the most trusted state-of-the-art Fitness Destination in Tricity offering all-inclusive services for fitness training and body toning. Body Zone evolved with the idea of being at the forefront of innovations in fitness training, exercising, methodology, and relaxation. It holds the vision of inspiring great workouts and deep-gratification through complete relaxation, all under one-roof.


The first and foremost mission of Body Zone has been to be the Number One fitness destination in Tricity; a goal which has been accomplished every year ever since its inception through dedication and disciplined mindset.

In changing times when people see fitness as a state of mind more than just a condition of the body, Body Zone aims to –

  • Provide high-performance training space and facility to fitness-conscious people across all age-groups.
  • Revolutionize the way 'fitness' is perceived by working on need-specific and client-specific fitness solution
  • Be the splashy and flashy fitness destination by adding the elements of fun, passion and innovation to personal training and group classes
  • Continuously educate and train its Fitness Expert team and keeping them abreast with global trends in the industry
  • Pay back to the society in the form of healthy initiatives that add more life to the lifestyle of people