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Each one a FIRST among EQUALS!

If you think it is the world's best training equipments that are the main catch at Body Zone; you are only 50% correct! Undoubtedly, Body Zone is the Tricity's best-equipped gym with a row of Treadmills inviting people to test their leg strength and a further range of advanced machines and weights to pump up your muscles.

Again, that is just half the story – It is the expert Fitness Trainers who hold the glory!

A whole gang of fitness-enthusiasts with their individual forte in diverse areas of gyming make up Body Zone Trainers Team. Just imagine how many clients they all have impacted with their motivational manners! How many fitness goals they have helped to achieve in last 13 years! If we measure and add up all these numbers, undoubtedly, Body Zone will be the richest Fitness Destination in the world.

'Let's walk properly before you sprint' could be the philosophy of one; while the other may say 'Consistency and Intensity both matter equally.' Each one of them is a master in the subjects of strength gains, muscle growth, and weight loss. Some have been a part of the team ever since Body Zone stormed Chandigarh with a new kind of Fitness passion.

And as wise people say – the larger a box is, the more is its capacity! Body Zone as a gym has been growing exponentially and qualitatively. Every year, we add a new bunch of Trainers in our team and are happy to see them working out on the fitness potential of our clients and reaching a new level of expertise so soon.

Lastly, our trainers work as gracefully as the hands of the watch – incessant, focused, committed and selfless! Kudos to their spirit of spreading fitness all around.