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Tips to reduce belly fat

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Obesity or overweight is defined as the excessive accumulation of fat in the body that may affect your health. With hectic schedules in our lives, we give less importance to Healthy lifestyle and indulge ourselves in activities that are ruining our health and wellbeing.

More inclination towards junk food and less physical activity has resulted in conditions like obesity and overweight. The main area which gets affected a lot is the belly region. Belly fat affects the overall personality of a person and brings down the confidence in him. It is a major cause of many diseases and health issues like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Reducing fat from the body especially from the belly region can be a challenging task. We are sharing some effective tips to reduce belly fat supported by scientific facts.

1) Exercise
Indulging in physical activities like gyms, sports, swimming help in reduction of belly fat from the body and improve overall health of the well being. Cardio exercises like running, rope skipping, cycling, etc helps tremendously.


2). Avoiding sugar and sugar sweetened drinks
Beverages like soft drinks and sugar consumption maybe a major cause of accumulation of belly fat. Avoiding junk food and sugar products can help in reducing belly fat.

3). Avoiding alcohol
Taking alcohol in a limited quantity can be beneficial to the health but if consumed in access, can lead to health issues and accumulation of fat in the body including belly fat.

5). Eating protein rich diet
Eating protein rich diet is an effective way to prevent fat accumulation in the body. High intake of protein decreases appetite and helps in reduction of belly fat.

6). Cut carbs in your diet
Eating low carb diets are effective in cutting down the fat from belly region and other parts of the body.

7). Get plenty of sleep
Studies shows that people who don't get enough sleep gain more weight which may include belly fat. Get sufficient quality sleep of around 7 hours a night to maintain weight and reduce belly fat.

8). Be stress free
Take time out of your busy schedule and relax. For relaxation and rejuvenation of your mind, body and Soul you can pamper yourself to Spa treatments and massage therapies. Spa treatments help in weight loss and improve overall health of well being.