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Things to know about aerobic capacity and how to improve it

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Things to know about aerobic capacity and how to improve it

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Exercises have three elements: flexibility/mobility training, resistance training and cardiorespiratory training. Flexibility or mobility exercises helps in improving joint range of motions and reducing muscle tension. Exercises that involve resistance training helps in improving both muscle and strength that can elevate resting metabolism where as cardio respiratory training helps in improving ability to move Oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. It also helps in removing metabolic waste and allows muscles to continue performing a specific activity. Every person has unique fitness goals. Some wants to improve their flexibility or mobility and some wants to improve their resistance strength. If you are planning to participate in a marathon or looking for weight loss, cardio respiratory training is the one you should emphasize on. You can join premium gyms in Chandigarh and train under the supervision of best gym trainers to improve your cardio respiratory training which will enhance aerobic capacity in your body and provide maximum benefits.

Here are some things to consider when structuring your fitness programs to maximize the benefits of cardio respiratory or aerobic capacity:

1) Increasing Aerobic capacity helps in improving the flow of oxygenated blood to the muscle tissue resulting in the improvement of mitochondrial density.

2) High intensity interval training (HIIT) is not only helpful in burning calories but also helps in improving aerobic capacity.

3) Dance fitness classes like Zumba are also a fun way to improve aerobic capacity.


4) Low intensity steady state (LISS) training maintains a steady work rate over an extended period of time. It can supply oxygen for muscle activity for longer durations like marathons or endurance races. It is a great way to improve aerobic capacity.

5) Cross training along with LISS training and HIIT training simultaneously on alternate days can help achieve fitness goals and is a great example of how to time a workout that can improve overall aerobic capacity.

Understanding how to apply the phases of cardio respiratory components can help you in finding effective ways to design your workout regime so as to achieve your cardio respiratory based fitness goals and improve overall aerobic capacity.