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Some ways to get rid of the lower back fat


Some ways to get rid of the lower back fat

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Frustrated because of lower back fat? Indeed, it is one of those areas from where the fat does not wear off easily. Fat gets collected in this region because of poor workout routine, poor diet, and in other case, genes play a major role. However, there are exercises that will help you to get rid of this fat, only if you follow them devotedly.


Bridge is an effective exercise to groom your back, thighs, and butts. Lie down on your back with your feet on the floor, knees at the angle of 45 degrees while your hands placed on your hips. Slowly lift your butt until your body forms a straight line from the shoulders till knees. Hold this posture for at least 30 seconds.


This is an effective weight loss exercise. Lie down on your stomach and tuck your elbows underneath; elevate your body with the help of elbows and toes while keeping the back straight. Soon your muscles will start feeling the stress but you will have to stay in this posture for at least 30 seconds.

Side Plank

Unlike the normal plank, side plank is more effective that works hard on your thighs and lower back. Lay on one side of your body with the help of your elbow with your back in positioned in a straight line and feet touching the ground. Stay in the same posture for at least 15 seconds and switch to the other side. Body zone is the best gym in Chandigarh where you will learn that getting back to shape is possible only if you are willing to work hard on it with correct guidance and direction. work, and consistency.

The Superman Pose

It is the best exercise to gain core strength and endurance. Lie on your stomach and raise your arms and legs to a level that aligns your body to 180 degrees. Stay in the same posture for about half a minute and repeat it forthree to five times.