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Why Overdoing Cardio Makes Women Gain Weight?


Why Overdoing Cardio Makes Women Gain Weight?

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When women decide to lose weight, the first think that comes to their mind is joining a gym and doing cardio exercises daily. They spend hours on treadmills and stationary bikes to fight this ultimate battle of weight loss.It is not the quantityof workouts that matter but doing 30-minute cardio sessions and strength trainings twice or thrice a week under best gym trainers are sufficient to make you look fantastic.

Cardio exercises are the best to get rid of body fat but excess cardio can result in weight gains as well. Here is why overdoing cardio makes women gain weight:

1) Excess cardio causes burnouts

Excess cardio will make you feel exhausted after a while.If you keep on running on treadmill for hours,it will make you feel bored after some time.Moreover, your body will adapt to the stress placed on it and your progress will be reduced. In the long run, you will burn less fat with same exercises and your weight will creep up.

2) Excess cardio causes carb cravings.

With excessive cardio your body develops a need for carbohydrates. Women who often exercise bike or run long distances usually feel hungry later in the day ending up craving for carbs and eating them. It results in weight gain in them. Join premium gyms in Chandigarh and keep your cardio workouts short and high intensity to harvest maximum benefits.

3) Excess cardio can cause injuries

Excess cardio can lead to wear and tear of joints and muscles.Many runners have joint problems and other injuries because of impact and constant friction on joints.You will not able to work out because of injuries and you are most likely to gain weight which will bring youback to where you've started.

4) Excess cardio increases the risk of diseases

Too much cardio places stress on your body which causes inflammation in the body and expeditethe aging process. Health problems like atrial fibrillation can occur because of excess cardio which can be life threatening.

Always remember that short cardio workouts will make you stay on track, lose more weight and get fit.So, workout smartly and eat healthy to lose weight and achieve your fitness goals.