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What should you do to get back in shape?


What should you do to get back in shape?

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If your daily life consists of taking care of family, cleaning the house, running to and from workand taking out some time with friends, you might hardly find any time for exercise. Out of all these activities, even if you find the time to go to gym, the idea of working out hard and sweating might make you want to don the couch. With such a hectic schedule,there is a strongpossibility that you might get out of shape and have a tough time performing eventhe simplest of physical fitness exercises.

Here are few steps that can be helpful for you to get back in shape:

1. Cut down the junk food

Junk food is the biggest downfall of health in many people. Eliminating junk food like cheesy foods and potato chips can substantially reduce the overall range of calories we consume in a day resulting in weight loss.

2. Plenty of Water

If you are addicted to soft drinks, it's better to replace them with water. Not only you will start getting back in shape bylosing weight but drinking plenty of water willalso help to alleviate any detox symptoms you may be experiencing as a result of reducing caffeine and sugar.

3.Daily walks

Walking is the best exercise which is very easy to do, requires only a pair of walking or running shoes, and has tremendous physical and mental health benefits.Walking daily for 30 – 40 minutes increases the metabolism by burningextra calories and preventing muscle loss which is very important with ageing.

4. Lifting weights

Lifting weights 3- 4 days a week is an effective way for weight loss and toning muscles. Join premiumgyms in Chandigarh and train with best gym trainers for amazing results and to avoid any sorts of injurieswhile lifting weights.

5. Sprints: Sprinting is an astonishing way for fat loss. If involves running over a short distance in a limited period of time. It is a fun exercise that creates metabolic effect which leads to enhanced fat burning for days even after the work out is over.