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Ab Exercises for a Stronger Core



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There are many fitness myths which are spread through the word of mouth and that we assume to be true. You might have heard these fitness myths from various channels like celebrities, athletes, family members and friends or you might have come across these fitness myths on the television. These misbeliefs are passed from one person to another and so on. You can join best gyms in Chandigarh and consultbest gym trainers about these myths. You can also save yourself from getting caught up by these fitness myths with the facts which disprove these misconceptions.

Here are some examples:

1) Myth: more workout is better
Fact- Many individuals have a misbelief that they will become more strong and athletic with more work out but the reality is that adding more exercises to workouts most likely hinders their health rather than doing any good. In a pursuit to work harder, they forget the actual skill of working out and end up without any benefits from the exercises.

2)Myth: Heated workouts help in burning more calories.
Fact- The truth is that when you work out harder, you burn more calories but relating sweat with calories is inappropriate. Your sweat is not linked to the number of calories you burn no matter how hot and sweaty you feel because of your intense workouts..

3) Myth:Crunches are the best ab toning exercises.
Fact-Crunches are not the best exercise to tone your abs. However, they are a good workout to tone your stomach. The best exercises for toning abs are the ones which include multiple muscle groups together including stomach muscles as well.

4) Myth: One must drink a gallon of water every day
Fact- Drinking water doesn't have any limit as there is no specific answer to how much water you need every day. Water consumption varies from person to person according to their lifestyle. Sports persons, athletes and individuals who work out may require more than one gallon of water everyday.