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Gym with Best Equipments

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With the increasing age, exercises become a critical part of good health. There are many benefits of exercises. Exercises can help you in
1) Better sleep and maintaining the weight.
2) Improve immunity and resistance to fight against diseases.
3) Better brain functioning, thus making you smarter.
4) Low risk of heart diseases, diabetes and cancer.

We all hit the gym at a certain time in our life. Finding a good or best gym in the city can make your workout experience more exciting and pleasurable. Finding the right program and sticking to it gives the maximum benefits of the exercises. Performing the exercises improperly can worsen your health and turn out to be a frightening experience. Good gyms nowadays have state of the art equipment and machines installed in them which are user friendly and easy to operate. They maintain high quality, standards and practices.

One such gym is body zone which has state of the art new equipments and machines installed and are first of its kind in North Indian region. Here are some of the equipments and their uses

1) Wood way curve
The original non motorized treadmill. This Revolutionary machine gives you full control of your work out from start to finish. This curved treadmill allows you to burn 30% more calories and gives you powerful and efficient workout every time. This treadmill helps in improving gait, running efficiency and core stability.

2). Octane fitness X ride
This machine is a revolution in fitness. This workout gives you great results in less time. This equipment burns 23 percent more calories than normal recumbent bikes. This gives 343 percent more glute activation, build strength, gain endurance and tone muscles.

3). XT-One
This 5th generation cross trainer gives users the freedom of walking, running, hiking and climbing. The work out with this machine is called zero impact training.


4). Lateral X
It is a brand new invention in cardiovascular fitness. This equipment gives three dimensional movements. It is great for beginners, rehabilitation of muscles and joints with lateral adjustability. It is great for stability training, performance training and toning of areas like inner and Outer thighs, glutes and Core in the body which other machines don't hit at the gym.


5). Zero Runner
It is a treadmill with zero belts, zero motor and zero cords. It creates a true running experience for users of all sizes and abilities.