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Gym Tips For Beginners!

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"Are you looking for a nicely toned body with six pack abs? It's rightly said that "A fit,healthy body- is the best fashion statement". Regular exercise is an integral part of our daily lives for a healthy mind and soul. Hitting the gym without any idea where to begin with can be a terrifying experience. For a beginner, the gym can be a frightening place full of its own rules of social conduct, having fear of everyone looking at you and wondering whether you are doing exercises correctly or not. The most important thing for body building is the right knowledge of rules and techniques especially when one needs to burn body fat and build muscles. "

Here are some tips which can be of big help for the beginners:

1) Get physically examined from a doctor to understand your body needs and its medical condition.
2) Select a gym where you can get trained by a gym instructor. Select a gym with good environment and location.
3) Get familiar with gym equipments when you join. Take demonstration of the equipment from gym instructor and ask for a basic program to begin with.
4) Stick to the machine weights in the beginning rather than free weights in order to avoid any injuries.
5) Work out with training partners for better results. Find a training partner in the gym or ask gym instructor for any help with exercises.
6) Don't start with heavy weights. Start with light weights so that your body will get used to lifting weights. This will minimise the risk of injuries caused by weights.
7) Breathe properly during exercises. Take deep breaths in between so that the muscles can have proper oxygen they need.
8) Eat well balanced diet and sleep well.
9) Take plenty of fluids during exercises so that your body doesn't hydrate.

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