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Go green this summer


Go green this summer

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Summer is the time when you feel most dehydrated, tired and lethargic. The harsh rays of the sun seem to drain out all the energy from your body. Resultantly, reduce the work input and the motivation to work with zeal. Food is the necessityto survive and consuming good and healthy food is of utmost importance to survive throughout the day.

The health consultants often suggest people to revise their diet chart in summers and switch to the food rich in water content and fiber, thus, Salads fill the purpose. Salads help you to fulfill the amount of water desired by your body besides water. The baby greens, spinach, radish greens or cabbage leaves look refreshing and is filled with nutrients. Salad also helps you to control your body weight and besides, it controls diabetes as well. Nutritionists also believe that it is good for the bones. Having salads at day time along with the lunch or just having salad with multiple vegetables, lattices and beans is beneficial and the best way to beat the summer heat. The surplus amount of anti-oxidants and anti-aging elements present in the greens make it the best choice for most of the people. One can also cumulate their favorite veggies into a mason jar and take it for lunch at their work places which is all healthy and the appeals the eye by its colorful appearance. Switching to salads is a great way to deal with summer laze and its anti-oxidants are also beneficial to reduce early ageing and cardiac problems. A person stays fresh and energetic for maximum hours. A good gym trainer will always suggest you to switch to greens and you may find many in Chandigarh.Remember, a healthy mind always resides in a healthy body.