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Get rid of flabby arms with these simple exercises


Get rid of flabby arms with these simple exercises

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Flabby arms or bat wings is the stored-fat that gets collected in the upper arm. It is commonly seen in women specifically due to hormones. To get rid of it, one must follow proper diet and exercise routine so that the muscles revert to their original position. Let us understand some of the ways by which you can get rid of bat arms.

Reduce body fat

It is important to lose body fat to get rid of flabby arms. You can try cardio-vascular exercises every day to control your weight or carry out strength training exercises to burn extra calories. Always stick to a healthy diet, full of protein, low-fat, whole grains, and green vegetables.

Triangle push-ups

The health and fitness experts believe that triangle push-ups are quite effective to get rid of bat arms as it targets your triceps. For this, form a posture of standard push-up and put your index finger and thumbs in such a position that it forms the shape of a triangle. While your hands placed on the floor, start doing pushups by keeping your legs straight. This is an effective exercise to get rid of bat wings immediately.

Chair Dips

Turn your back to a chair and place your hands on its arms. Bend your knees and keep your arms straight, bend your elbows, and slowly lower down your body. After a few minutes, revert to the original position and keep repeating the steps. Body zone has one of the best gym trainers in Chandigarh from where you will get valuable suggestions about reducing the fat from the upper arms.

Arm planks

Get on all your fours and set your body in 'push-up' posture. Take off one hand from the ground and place it behind your shoulder. Hold for 15 seconds and start doing pushups and do the same with the other arm and when your body stops enduring the pain, take a break and relax.