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Get rid of dark circles through Eye massage


Get rid of dark circles through Eye massage

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You do not want to wake up with those stubborn dark circles, do you? Dark circles are hard to hide and applying makeup on your skin every day to hide them would be harmful. It occurs due to the collection of blood under the eyes due to several reasons such as insomnia, allergy or genetic reasons. Sometimes, the dark circles come with eye bags, making it look even worse.

In such a case, you need to get an eye massage.

The massage therapist will begin by putting force on your eye socket with the fingertips. Slowly, they will reach down to the bridge of your nose while applying pressure gently. All this while your eyes will remain closed. This process continues for the next few minutes until the muscles of your eyes begin to reach a state of relaxation.

There are two major points of pressure, one is under the brow bone and the other is your temples. The massage therapist will apply pressure to these two areas very slowly and will increase the force after a while. This process takes a few seconds to each and goes on with repetition.

Further, the therapist will press the inner corner of your eyes with subtle pressures. The pressure will be towards your nose, and this process is repeated five times. It is a great therapy to remove toxins from that area and to relax you.

The area under your eye gets a gentle massage in a sliding way to flush the collection of fluid from your eyes and helps to lessen the dark circles. Spa Kora is the best body spa in Chandigarh where you can avail the benefits of some services that are beneficial for your eyes and health. However, if the dark circles are caused due to some allergy, then you must quickly consult a doctor. However, for the rest, massage will do well.