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Food and Nutrition Habits for a Healthier& Happier You


Food and Nutrition Habits for a Healthier& Happier You

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A healthy lifestyle doesn't only imply to staying fit, it also means to stay conscious about your eating habits and overall diet. If you are starting a new fitness and diet plan, think of the habits that can progressively improve your food and nutrition behaviors.

Here are some habits with which you can start being healthier and more happier:

1) Start your day off right with a healthy protein and fiber rich breakfast which is the most important meal of the day. Not only will it jump start your day but also help you to make better and healthier decisions throughout the day

2) Try and keep your alcohol Consumption to a minimum as drinking is one of the sneakiest ways to add calories and gain weight.

3) Drink plenty of water to keep your cells happy by preventing them from sticking together. It also keeps the body hydrated.

4) Start eating healthy snacks between breakfast and lunch and then between lunch and dinner to avoid overreacting later.

5) Embrace yourself with greener,lighter and spring-inspired dishes. Having salads, green vegetables and organic green juices can help you to cleanse your body from impurities and toxins resulting in shedding those extra pounds.

6) You are more likely to make better decisions when you'll be aware of your calorie intake. Start getting familiar with the food you eat, if you are looking to improve your health for long term.

7) When you get bored or stressed, instead of eating a bag of chips or anything, go for a walk, do an activity or just hit the premium gyms in Chandigarh and train with the best gym trainers to achieve your fitness goals.

8) Avoid the junk food as much as you can as they only lead to weight gain. Remember you feel better, when you eat better. So, think of substitutes of sweets and other snack foods you loveto stay healthy.