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Fitness truths no one will tell you


Fitness truths no one will tell you

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The one thing that people love doing is making excuses and the one thing that they hate hearing is that they are making excuses.No one will tell you the truthbecause they know that you don't want to hear it or they don't want you to get mad on them. It's hard to hear the truth and have a reality check but as soon as you get familiar with it, you can work towards thebetterment of yourself. Here are a few harsh truths about fitness no one will dare to tell you.

1)You don't have a slow metabolism you're just eating too much

Metabolism rate doesn't vary much between individuals.The metabolism in lean people with low body fat tends to be normal which falls within 5% of each other. However, overweight people typically undervalue calorie consumption and overrate the amount of exercise they do and their metabolism falls within 50% of each other. That is basically the slow metabolism.

2) Everyone wants you to be like them

It's enticingand pleasant to associate with people who are at the same level as you in terms of career, health and their personal lives. But they'll forbid you from changing as they want you to continue to be like them. It's more fruitful, thoughchallenging to surround yourself with people who are where you want to be.

3)What got you here won't get you there

Fitness exhibits diminishing returns.Your progress gets slower as you get into better shape and to continue progressing, you have to work harder. If you're obese, you can lose weight just by cutting out sugared beverages, and if you control your diet and start exercising you can probably lose more than 20 pounds a month. But if you're in great shape and wish to lose the last five pounds of fat, you have totrain hard under supervision of best gym trainersand cut out almost all carbs.You can join premium gyms in Chandigarh for that and to achieve your fitness goals.