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Exercises for Weight Loss

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Exercise is important for overall health. Starting any kind of exercise on regular basis can help in weight loss, and planning workout schedule can help in achieving fitness goals faster. All we need is to make some changes in our lifestyle to get the body of our dreams. There is no doubt that overweight people looks unhappy and disappointed and are more prone to health issues if not controlled in time.

If you think that only dieting will burn your body fat, you are completely wrong. You need to include exercise in your daily routine for effective weight loss along with proper diet plan. Here are some exercises which if done properly can work wonders for weight loss. You can join best gyms in Chandigarh where you can get best gym deals in Chandigarh.

1) Cardio
These are the best and very effective exercises for weight loss. These exercises involve physical activities of low to high intensity. During workout, high intensity increases the metabolism to higher rate. This results in burning of calories from the body and reducing weight. Cardio exercises can be running, cycling, swimming, etc.

2) Crunch 
A very good and effective way of reducing fat from the stomach and tone the abs. Exercise like planks increases the core strength of the body and help in weight loss.

3) Lunges
Lunges are very effective in weight loss as they work on various muscles like quads, glutens and hamstrings at a time and burn maximum calories.

4) Strength
By doing strength exercises, all the major muscle groups in the body require proper energy and nutrition. With strength exercises, you can burn calories and lose weight by building muscles. Pushups is an example of Strength training which works on your chest, shoulders, and arms and burns out the fat from the body.

5) Squats & curls
Extra fat from thighs and butt areas can be trimmed with these exercises. Curl exercises increases strength in arms, making them more muscular by trimming down the fat from them.