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Exercises to build a strong back


Exercises to build a strong back

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Building a strong back is as important as building your biceps or triceps. It helps to improve your body posture and most importantly, boosts your strength to do high-intensity exercises and high-lift workouts. The shoulder joints get stability because of the upper and mid-back.

Band bent-over row

For this, you need the low-resistance band, grab it by one end, and stand on the other. Bend your knees and push your hips slightly outside. Now slowly pull the band to your chest, pause, and revert to the original position. Working against the resistance will get you stronger back in no time.

Renegade row

Grip a light pair of dumbbells while lying down in plank-position. The dumbbells should be on either side of your face while your legs spread wide and your face looking at the floor. Start doing pushups and after each pushup, lift the dumbbell to your chest one by one. This exercise will increase your back and shoulder strength unimaginably.

Dumbbell single arm row

For this, you just need one fine dumbbell to place on one side of the bench. Put your body-weight on the bench (the side which you are not using) and lift the dumbbell with your working hand while keeping your back straight. Lift the dumbbell till your torso and keep changing the sides.

Inverted row

For this exercise, you need a bar and place it at the height of your hip. Grab the bar strongly, straight above your shoulders, lean your upper body, and rest your feet on the ground. Though this exercise is tiring and requires high strength, it will definitely give you amazing results. Learn more such exercises from Body Zone, a premium gym in Chandigarh where the expert trainers will make you familiar with various exercise patterns beneficial for building strong back and shoulder muscles.