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Easy workout to strengthen your Triceps


Easy workout to strengthen your Triceps

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It is quite stimulating to see good results when you start a new arm workout. Although you make a rapid progress, sometimes you are stuck to the same weight which makes you incapable to boost your strength. But don't worry, follow these exercises and get back on the road.

Close-grip bench press

Close-grip bench press exercise is one of the best ways to lift your muscles. You have to put a load on your triceps by bringing your hands closer while holding a bar loaded with weights on both the sides above your chest. Bring the bar down and up and repeat it with endurance and consistency.

Standing dumbbell triceps extension

In this exercise, you have to hold your dumbbells and raise it right above your head with arms close to your ears. Lower down the dumbbells behind your head and bring it back to the first place. Continue doing this exercise in a slow and steady pace.

Weighted bench dip

Suspend your body in the air between two parallel benches placed close to each other where you place your heels on one bench and use the other for gripping it tightly. While you suspend your middle body in the air, your gym trainer will put a weight on your lap and you have to raise your body up and down in continuity. You will get the best body and health trainers in Body zone gym in Chandigarh.

Floor Dips

Are you tired of using weight? You can try this weight-less exercise. Suspendyour body in the air with your hands touching the ground behind your body, feet touching the ground with your knees bent at 90-degree angle. In the same place, lift your body up and then come down, close to the floor. Keep on repeating this exercise until your muscles feel the stress.