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Do's and Dont's While Taking a Spa

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"With the hectic schedules in our lives, we rarely find time to go on holidays and relax now and then. Spa is such a place where we can take a break from our daily chores and subject not only our body but also mind to relax and rejuvenate. Going for a spa can be beneficial to reenergize our inner and outer self. Spa treatments can help in weight loss and provides a sigh of relief from body pain. Spa treatments can act as a stress buster. They remove toxins from the body and make skin glowing. Body massages at the Spa centre can work wonders for the body."

There are some do's and don'ts while taking a spa:

1) Do take shower before the treatment. It helps in detoxification by loosening pores of the body.
2) Do negotiate while going with your friends for treatment. If you are going in a group of many friends, you can ask for a group discount or free treatments.
3) Do arrive early before your treatment. This allows you to enjoy the facilities available in the Spa centre available for it's customers.
4) Do avoid the harsh sun exposure on the day and a day after your treatment so as to avoid dehydration as exposure to sun after spa treatment can make skin very sensitive.
5) Don't steam or shower after the treatment so as to avoid undoing the effects of oils and lotions used in massages.
6) Don't shave before facial in case of men as it can make skin more sensitive women should not shave their legs either.
7) Don't apply lotion or body creams before the wax. it will make the job more difficult and painful.
8) Don't make a booking in the Spa centre without consulting doctor in case of medical conditions with blood pressure and pregnancy.

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