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Improve your fitness level

Diet and nutrition are indispensable aspects of fitness. Whether you are aiming to lose weight, gain muscle, build a toned body or just aspiring for holistic health, diet counseling is the way to begin the endeavour. That's why Body Zone has on its board, a certified Diet & Nutrition expert, Inaaz Manshahia, who will help you with a customized approach for-

  • Fitting the right kind of diet in your lifestyle
  • Making right diet choices as per your work schedule
  • Choosing healthy food options while eating out
  • Designing diet to minimize the risk of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cholesterol and thyroid
  • Guiding you about taking/following different types of diet

Physiotherapy – Yes to Fitness; No to injury!

Body Zone also has a certified Physiotherapist on its panel to help its clients achieve their fuller physical potential. Our certified Physiotherapists are a big help to clients in recovering from any sports or physical injury. They are also there to guide you about what all exercises need to be avoided.

Moreover, Body Zone is the only gym in Chandigarh that emphasizes on taking physio-focused approach to your Gym and weight training sessions. This ways, your training sessions are designed as per your physical fitness quotient and do not result in any injury or muscle-pull problems. The expert physiotherapist at Body Zone, Mr Dr. Gaurav is available for consultancy from.