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Cross fit moves that give you powerful results


Cross fit moves that give you powerful results

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Cross fit is a massive workout therapy which needs vigorous energy and stamina. The exercises that it includes are intense, energetic, and helps in losing weight. Let us study about a few cross-fit exercises that you need to follow.


A Burpee is an exercise with multiple ranges of benefits. It helps in coordinating muscles,weight loss, and takes care of your cardiovascular activities. This vigorous exercise helps you keep up a good body balance that you will soon experience a series of good change in your body.

Box Jump

Box Jump is another exercise which requires high endurance and muscle strength. It is a cardio vascular activity where the person has to jump on the box, get down, and jump again in a squatting position. This goes in repetition and demands a heart throbbing strength. This dynamic workout consumes a high level of oxygen from your body which is why you feel your heart thumping fast while performing this exercise.

Kettlebell swing

It is an exercise where a prop is a bell-shaped object. It needs the full strength of your body and improves balance. One of the best weight loss exercise, you receive the best results in a short span of time which is why even athletes follow this exercise routine. If you have issues with your lower back and posture then switch to Kettlebell exercise. Body Zone is a premium gym in Chandigarh where you will get the best solution to your problems about weight loss.

Overhead plated Lunge

It is an effective exercise where you have to place a weighted plate over your head and do lunges. This process requires high endurance and strength and the results will give you toned and well-built biceps and shoulders. Overall, your upper body gets enhanced and you get a beautiful, well-structured body.