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Mistakes that inhibits muscle mass growth

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Mistakes that Inhibits Muscle Mass Growth

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Bodybuilding is a very slow process which involves building of muscles. There are three essential ingredients which when worked together can work wonders for you. They are consistency, discipline and hard work. Without these three, no matter how much effort and time you put in your exercises you won't get the desired results. You can join best gyms in Chandigarh to build your muscles. There are many factors which restricts the muscle growth.

Here are some mistakes you can avoid for quick and more muscle growth:

1) Doing excessive sets. It is a common myth in Gyms that "the more the better" which means If you work harder on something, the more successful you will be in that. Unfortunately, that's not the case in building muscles. Muscle growth happens due to a response to stress imposed on muscles in the gyms. Stressing of muscles too much can lead to muscle breakdown and it will ultimately slow down the process of muscle growth.

2) Training one muscle group at a time. Training a single muscle group in a week doesn't help the muscle growth. Muscles need a reaction called Protein synthesis which binds muscle tissues to the amino acids and grow bigger in size. This reaction is triggered every time when you lift weights. So it's best to train every body part twice or thrice a week for maximum muscle gains.

3) Blindly following elite bodybuilders. The big muscles in Elite athletes and bodybuilders are due to their hard work and years of training. You should not follow their workout regime as it will deteriorate your muscles only. Instead you can follow their principles and ethics for workouts to have better understanding of muscle gains.

4) Not getting quality sleep. Your body needs proper rest after workouts for repair and growth of muscular tissues. So it's very important to sleep well for muscle mass growth.

5) Not tracking your weight Loads and overloads. It's important to keep track of the weights you are lifting during your workouts whether you are doing CrossFit, powerlifting, or bodybuilding exercises. Your muscles will not grow if you will stick to same weight range everyday as your body will get accustomed to it.