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Pros and Cons of CrossFit workout

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Pros and Cons of CrossFit workout

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CrossFit is a fitness program which challenges you to break out of your routine. CrossFit works by performing functional movements with relatively high intensity. It is promoted as both physical exercise and a competitive fitness sport. It includes elements from high intensity training, powerlifting, gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, calisthenics and other exercises. You can join premier gyms in Chandigarh where you can get best gym deals for CrossFit workouts. Here are some pros and cons of this high intensity workout.


1) Continuous coaching and support. You have no idea if you are doing exercises correctly or not in a commercial gym. You have to hire and pay for gym trainer. While in CrossFit, it's one on one training. You have the constant support of other members.

2) Demeaning yet inspiring. You get a sense of achievement when you finish your workout better and faster then the last time.

3) Leveling up. You get to see constant improvement as you can keep track of how much weight you are lifting and how many reps and sets you are doing. You can proceed at your own pace, working your way up slowly with your prescribed workouts.

4) Competition. It's astonishing to see how much can you push yourself when members surrounding you cheer you on and compete with you.

5) Good muscular endurance. It builds all round fitness and good muscular endurance. With CrossFit programs, your body is prepared for any athletic situation.


1) It's not great for specializations if you are looking to get good at one particular thing like weight lifting or cardio.

2) It shows lack in consistency as you rarely do the same workout twice. Thus, making it hard to monitor the progress

3) CrossFit workouts are expensive then the commercial gyms.

4) You can get addicted. Depending on how you take it, it can either go pro or con as many people who start going to CrossFit, all they do or talk about is CrossFit.