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Weight Loss Hacks

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Let's start with a note which, we believe, is quite ironic. If weight-loss was a game, it'll be the only game in the world that everybody would want to lose. But this interesting read that we've got for you today will help win (By that we mean lose) all those love handles that love you so much that they decide to never leave you.

Today we'll take you through some weight loss hacks that will surely work. We've broken these hacks into three broad buckets, thus helping you attack your fat deposits in the most effective way possible.

The buckets being - Workout Hacks | Diet Hacks | Lifestyle Hacks

So let's begin…

Workout Hacks-

Bite Size your goals: Fitness is a game of mind as much as it is of your body. So, don't go for big goals - like dropping 50 pounds in 10 months. Have a micro approach towards your goal. Draft a chart and aim to lose 4 pounds a month and constantly track your monthly objective. This way you will surely lose more with fewer efforts.

Don't doze off: Whenever you consume a meal, set a timer for 1 and half hour. And make sure that you do not sleep before that timer goes off. Make yourself busy with stuff, because when you eat and sleep right-away the digestion process slows down, thus ending up securing extra calories as fat.

Workout Empty Stomach: Though we don't recommend it much, we can't deny the fact the body burns more of stored calorie cells if you do your morning jogs on an empty stomach. But only light workouts, not heavy.

Diet Hacks-

Bottoms Up: No not alcohol, take shots of water. Keep sipping on water through your day. Not green tea, not this and not that, just plain old simple water. The more you hydrate yourself the more your body will be capable of washing off excess fat without being stubborn.

Never go Belly-full: Break down your meals into small portions. You'll know when you've had enough when your belly feels neither too full not too empty. Eat just right to feel active. Because the more food you gobble, the more it goes undigested, again converting fat.

Let's talk alcohol: Guess the biggest crime you do when you chug down those big mugs of your favourite brew? Hint: It has nothing to do with beer. It has everything to do with those small bar niggles that you munch along with it. Yeah, no kidding, those chips and peanuts that you eat while having your drinks really add a lot of fat to your body. So be careful. Have natural niggles like onions or cucumbers.

Buy small plates: Yeah actually, we're talking about getting small sized cutlery, you'll start reducing your serving size without even knowing about it.

Lifestyle Hacks

Put a Mirror on Your Fridge
Another study suggests keeping a mirror in our kitchen can trick us into eating healthier and losing weight because it forces us to pause before making food choices.

Eat before you buy groceries: Don't take our word on this. This hack comes straight from one of the legends of the bodybuilding industry: Mr Jay Cutler himself. The reason why we're saying this is because studies have proved that people buy more unhealthy packaged food when they're shopping on an empty stomach.