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Twenty-17 is coming to an end. But one thing that has endured the test of time to define this decade is that we are living in a world of upgrades.

From the smartphones we own, the cars we drive to the homes we live in - everything is rightly upgrading.

This chain of upgrade births and interesting question- Are we upgrading our healthy lifestyle as well?

Don't worry, we've got this.

We at Body Zone Fitness believe that when it comes to fitness, only the state-of-the-art does the job. And that's why we are going to look

at the newest fitness rage of the lot-STRONG by ZumbaTM.

Let us start by putting it in the simplest way by which we can understand STRONG by ZumbaTM – It is the perfect combination of the funky & energetic Zumba which we have known and come to love, and HIIT (High-intensity interval training).

STRONG by Zumba™ is, therefore, a high-intensity interval training workout driven by the science of Synced Music Motivation. It uses more traditional fitness moves for a more athletic, conditioning-style workout. The workout lasts for about 45 minutes which a provides a boot-camp style regime that's inclined more towards functional movements over conventional dancing moves you get to perform in traditional Zumba.

So let us focus on the various Do's and Don'ts of STRONG by Zumba™…

Better DO these

Keep it hot: STRONG by Zumba™ involves high-intensity movements on a continuous basis. Like all exercises it is very crucial for you to start slow and that too after stretching and warming up your entire body.

Stay hydrated: With STRONG by Zumba™, you will not just end up losing fat, but also a lot of body fluids. So make sure you are properly hydrated pre and post your sessions to avoid any form of dehydration that might lead to muscle cramping and fatigue.

Have Fun! : If you're not enjoying it, well then you're not doing it right. So as long as you leave the stress of your day behind and enjoy your STRONG by ZumbaTM session, there's nothing that can stop you from achieving your fitness goals.

Better NOT do these

Overexert Yourself: Zumba as a base is an exercise format which is pretty safe in nature. But even then we would suggest that because of its relatively simpler format, people tend to overexert their bodies from the word – GO. It's best if you first learn the basics and accustom your body for such a workout. Ignoring such calls can end you up having fatigues and muscle problems. So take it slow and steady. If in doubt, talk to the turtle that defeated the rabbit.