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Halloween Costume DIY

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DIY Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Whip Up Last Minute

Halloween is coming up fast and you would be in a dire need to fix your own costumes and get working on them to look the spookiest of all the characters in the party. If you are going for the hand made route, it is time to get your creative costume ideas together to work on these easy to handle DIY costume ideas. Some would take quite some time, while others are just more than perfect for the last minute preparations; in any case, we've got you covered:

Pumpkin Pi Hack off the stem off an artificial pumpkin and attach it to a headband (super glue or hot glue should do the trick!). Print out the Greek letter pi or cut one out of felt with a pair of scissors, and glue to an orange T-shirt. Now you're nerdy and delicious!

Toffee Pants You'll look sweet enough to eat if you stick up a few good, tasty and chocolaty toffees on your jeans and pair them up with some nerdy looking spectacles and some contrast accessories.

Spook Fairy Freak everyone out by wearing a dark outfit and pinning it up with slips with synonyms of fear and ghosts written all over it.

Rotten Pineapple Just give your face the worst and scariest of wrong make-up styling and pair it with a yellow top with a pair of sunglasses while sporting some green coloured jeans

It's Raining Men This tongue-in-cheek costume gives a nod to the ubiquitous '80s song.

Bubble Bath Bubble Inflate some white balloons and pin them on a white tshirt, wear a shower cap and take hold of a lofah. Voila! You're now a bubble bath bubble!

Movie Theater Floor Dress in all black and attach popcorn, old movie tickets, and empty candy wrappers all over your outfit to complete this theatrical look. (Bonus: If you spill something on yourself at the party, it won't matter!)

White Rabbit You better not be late to your Halloween party while wearing this cute costume!

Minnie Mouse You'll have so much fun dressing up as everyone's favorite mouse for Halloween.

Deviled Egg Dress in all white and attach a yellow circle of felt to your stomach. Add devil horns and a tail to turn yourself into a "deviled" egg.

Sweet Strawberry Adorable and easy-to-make, put this fruit-tastic look at the top of your list.

Classic Scarecrow This creative ensemble features several simple pieces you probably already have at home.

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