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Halloween – Freakily Amazing

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Halloween. In the west, it started as a day to mark the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the winter, which happens to be the same time of the crop season in India as the end of October also marks the end of the Kharif crop harvest, and the farmers then prepare for the Rabi crop season, hence being a reason to celebrate the season of good harvest. Halloween still remains a significant festival and holiday in the west, a day when they also observe the mourning of the dead. But thanks to the undying party and hardcore enjoyment spirits of the modern youth, this day has evolved and transitioned as a day of parties, sweet treats, costumes and jack-o-lanterns for kids and adults alike. A day that once had the significance of bridging our world with the world of the dead, now brings about cheerful faces and costume characters as it is amongst the most anticipated holidays in the west.

And when there are parties associated with any particular celebration, it gives an even better reason to people across the globe to have fun and enjoy the occasion with a great level of zeal and excitement. Chandigarh is no exception to this trend. People of the tri-city and surrounding areas are amongst the biggest party animals in the region, which hunt parties across the city and even in the other cities, at times. And to bring more chills and scare to the occasion, Body Zone Gym N’ Spa has organized a Halloween Costume Party exclusively for its gym members at one of the most anticipated venue in Chandigarh.

Body Zone Gym N’ Spa, the Celebrity Gym in sector 9, Chandigarh is the most trusted, reliable and result-oriented premium gym brand in the tri-city which is giving yet another significant reason to all its gym members to feel excited and frightening at the same time. And guess what, you could also take a guest along with you at the spine chilling party, and make sure that you get in to your spooky costumes and make-up as you could stand a chance to win exciting prizes. So don’t wait any further as there are only a few passes left for the entry before you realize that the gates of hell have been closed. Make sure you become a part of the most horrifying and hair-raising Halloween costume party in Chandigarh!