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Maintaining hygienic space at Gym

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It is true that a gym is not the most sanitized place with people shedding sweat everywhere. So a bit of preventive measures can help you avoid some serious infections and allergies.

The shoe that you wear to the gym contains all the dirt and exercising with those shoes can increase the risk of inducing health hazards and chronic infections if they come in contact with your hands while exercising. So it is better to keep extra pair of shoes and use it on alternate days. Or perhaps you can make sure to sanitize your hands after frequent intervals.

Even the laundered towels that you receive are home for thousands of infection causing agents and using them can cause you serious infections which you might not have even thought of.
Always make sure to wash your hands before and after workout with an anti-bacterial soap. You can consult a dermatologist for the same. If you find it arduous to wash hands again and again, you may use a sanitizer as well.

Body Zone is one of the best gym in Chandigarh which believes in creating a hygienic space for the people visiting the gym, also motivating people to take preventions to not afflict oneself with allergies. Special attention is given to the communal area- to keep them clean. It is imperative to motivate people regarding hygiene for their own benefit.

No sharing! Always remember, you must never share your personal items such as hairbrushes, towels, make up and even a water bottle. This can increase the risk of transferring bacterial and fungal infections.

One must always check if there are facilities for wiping the machines and other body equipments. A gym must always run on the clear sets of ‘hygiene rules’ for everybody, and not just the housekeeping staff.