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How Much Protein?

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As fitness enthusiasts, we know the love you have for proteins. And we know the value you give to this macronutrient. It's the sort of relationship that trumps all other macronutrients and even micros like Vitamins (E.g. vitamin D, calcium and even other dietary fibres). And we couldn't relate more because it is the protein that stays at the fulcrum of all things fitness. But then again, ever wondered, how much is too much?

General protein guidelines suggest 0.8g per Kg of your bodyweight. But this is a figure that has constantly been debated in the nutrition industry. Some studies have suggested it to be 1 to 1.2g per Kg of your bodyweight. But one thing is definitely true. Consumption of protein, when paired with adequate and strategic workout do show visible results in your overall body composition. But then again we come back to the same question - How much is too much

Excessive, like any other thing, can lead to negative results in your body. Protein too has its dark side. Excessive intake of protein can directly affect your kidneys. Chronic kidney damage might get accelerated with prolonged high intake of this macro-nutrient. The extreme end of this can be the development of kidney stones.

It's not just kidneys, but liver as well that can face the wrath of your improper protein intake. Moreover, even your bones are not safe in this story as acidity caused by excessive protein can adversely affect the calcium absorption ability of your body.

But in the end, and a comfortable and considerable amount, protein can be your best friend!

Protein as a nutrient always correlates with maximising weight loss and maximising muscle growth as well.

In the end, we would say that protein intake quantity depends on you and your life stage. If you're a kind of person who suffers from kidney related issues, then restrict your overall protein intake.

Otherwise if you a healthy young/young adult/adult, then anywhere between 0.8 and 1.5 g per kg of your bodyweight should keep you healthy and even help you achieve your desired results.

Adults over the age of 45 need higher amounts of protein to avoid the rapid muscle loss.

Last but not least, it depends on your goal. If your goal is to bulk up then you must incline towards consuming not just proteins, but carbs as well. And if your goal is to lose weight, then have a fixed schedule of consuming a pre-defined quantity of protein. But yeah, anything over 2.5g per kg of your bodyweight is unrequired.

So, there you go, we hope this ray of light might have cleared some of your queries regarding this nutrient. Well, as the best gym in Chandigarh, we believe it's our responsibility to this.

Stay happy. Stay Healthy.