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Morning Workout vs Evening Workout

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So one of the age-old questions that we have come across in our experience of the fitness world is - 'What is the best time of the day to workout?'

'Should I workout in the morning or should I train in the evening?'

'What are the pros and cons of both?'

Well, as the best gym in the whole of Chandigarh, we at BodyZone Fitness thought that it's our responsibility to address this interesting question. So let's go.

Common wisdom is to adhere your body to a workout. So your basic rule should always be that you must train, irrespective of the time of the day. Cause, in the end, the only bad workout you can do is not workout at all.

Then comes the next step. What time YOU think is right for you. Be it morning, noon or night- always pick the time where you think you perform the best. There are no hard set rules that will impact your overall physique and fitness. If 8 in the morning works for you then that's great. And if 8 in the evening is the time you feel is best, then that's great too.

Now let's talk science. Popular studies have shown that's it's best when to align our body temperature with our workouts. Research states that we respond the best when our body temperature is at its peak i.e. between 4 PM to 7 PM.

But their's catch this zone can also be bent with 'Temporal Specificity'. In simple words, scheduling your workout around the same time, every time. What it does is create a muscle memory of sorts that after regular practice raises your body temperature automatically to adapt and prepare your body for your workout. Professional athletes do the same. They schedule their workout at the same time of the day when they are to actually compete.

Morning workouts are known to kickstart your metabolism early, so you burn more calories during the day, as opposed to when you are sleeping.

You're also more likely to burn fat. Research shows when you're fasting and exercising (ie, haven't eaten breakfast yet) you burn fat stores instead of carbohydrates from food. However, one study conducted by the Clinical Research Center of the University of Chicago said post-work gymgoers are more likely to receive a higher degree of fitness because they tend to work out harder.

That's because protein synthesis peaks in the evening, making it the optimal time for weightlifting.

Your endurance workouts are more likely to be improved in the evening, too, when lungs are at peak efficiency.

In conclusion, it is still a mystery as to what time of the day is better for training. But what's not a mystery is that no matter what time you pick, you can maximise your progress just by training right and regularly.

So go ahead and train. Now's a perfect time!