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Let's talk Alcohol

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We all love to party. And we don't blame you if that involves you to celebrate every now and then by chugging down those extra pints of your favourite beer or enjoying that extra peg of that delicately aged scotch or wine, or even both. But we all aware of the dark side of it all that your body has to suffer in the long run. Those embarrassing beer bellies, or those dreadful sacks under your eyes and the worst of all, the hangover!

And we know that you too know and have thought about it every time you go to party by choice, or by the very calling of life and social circle around you.

And that's why we have decided to give you some guidance so that you only have to worry about the extra GST you gotta pay with that bill and not pay it with your health.

So before taking you any further, we'll tell you the amount of impact alcohol does on your body. The side-effects might surprise you but at they'll help you understand that it's best to stay away from it. Or Rather just indulge in alcohol 1 or maximum 2 times a month.

Bad-effects of alcohol:

* Every ml of alcohol consists of 7-8 empty calories. Empty kcals that do not provide anything in terms of nutrition to your body. And to put it in perspective, a Saturday night vodka shot of yours is going to feed in roughly 100-150 of these empty calories that eventually convert to fat.

* Alcohol consumption will not only increase your overall calorie intake but will also massively affect your KREB cycle. KREB cycle, in simple words, it's a repetitive process where your body uses your stored nutrients (Like fats) and converts them into energy. So essentially, your fat burning process gets hammered as your body is now focusing more on digesting the alcohol present in your blood.

Protein synthesis drops by up to 20%. Yeah! 20%!!

For men, it lowers your testosterone levels by a significant margin. Up to 25%!. Also, it promotes the growth of oestrogen in men, which leads to the formation of pigeon chest.

Now those were all the warning signs. But we believe, these are not strong enough to stop you from drinking. So let us help you with some tips that can limit the damages caused by liquor to the maximum extent.

Stay hydrated: After you are done with drinking, maximise your water intake as this will avoid your cells from getting dehydrated and enter the catabolic stage. So the more water you drink, the more you'll wash out the bad effects of alcohol on your body.

Consume Protein: Yes, you heard it right. Chug down a scoop of whey once you're done with drinking. If you don't have a powdered shake, then consume something that is rich in protein.

Consume ZMA and Glutamine: ZMA will normalise your testosterone levels and glutamine will avoid any form of dehydration or catabolism of your muscles.

Avoid 'Chakna': Yes, again heard it right. Bar nibbles, or how we all like to call it;Chakna, when mixed with alcohol, is very bad for your body. Because your body focuses more on digestion the alcohol, it's this chakna that gets undigested and that makes it convert itself into fat.

Have a hearty Breakfast: The next morning, consume a heavy breakfast as it'll cover up for the nutrient deficit that your body has endured during the night. Moreover, add a much protein to it as you can. Eggs, chicken, cereals, oats, muesli - everything is going to help.

In the end, we still would recommend you to change/limit your drinking patterns as alcohol causes more damage to your body than what you would otherwise imagine. But even if you do drink up, just follow our tips and you should be good to go. So stay healthy. And NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE. Cheers!