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Have you come across blokes in your gym that say “No bro, cardio’s not my thing.”, “I just do weight training.”, “I’m thin, I don’t need cardio”. If yes, or if you are one of them, then it’ll be great if you give this post a thorough read. Cause today, we’re talking cardio.

Let’s just get one thing out of the way- Everybody must do cardio. Period.

Sure, your fitness or aesthetic goals can alter the type and duration of your cardio session, but it’s absolutely not advisable to not indulge in cardio and keep your weight training schedule the same.

Cardio is the most basic fundamental form of functional training that focus on more aspects of your body than one. Whether your goal is to gain or reduce weight or for that matters simply stay fit, it is essential to include cardiovascular exercises in your fitness routine. The best part is that you may not necessarily need any equipment, in order to perform cardio workouts.

Ladies that shy away from weight training exercises due to the physical strain on their body. Cardiovascular exercises are not very demanding on the body, and they produce good results as well. Irrespective of the gender, one can make cardiovascular exercises a part of their life. It will improve your sedentary lifestyle, and make you remain active and productive in life.

10 minutes if you indulge in weight training and wish to bulk up.

15-20 minutes if you wish to lose weight.

How should I go about it?
Well, simply put, just start anywhere you like! One of the best pros about cardiovascular exercises is that they are extremely in terms of risk as they just require you to focus on natural movements of your body. Swimming, running, walking, bicycling, aerobics is all up for grabs. You just gotta choose your poison and start. We’ll soon share a separate post on the best forms cardio regimes.

-Increase in endurance: Your muscles achieve the ability to take the strain for long periods of time, thus upping the overall quality of your muscles.

-Better mind and healthy skin: Yes, one positive aspect of cardio is that never cuts corner and benefits in a more holistic, unlike other training formats that work in silos.

-Burns calories quickly: Fluctuating heart rate levels are the best recipe to increase the number of calories that you burn. And with calorie you drop, the fitter, leaner and better looking you get.

-Increases blood flow to the muscles: So what happens during weight training is that your movements segregate the blood flow levels to one specific part of your body. Cardio on the other hands encourages blood flow throughout your body.

-Lowers heart resting rate: Cardio strengthens your heart. Which too is a muscle btw. So the fitter your heart gets, the lesser it will feel the need to pump blood across your system.

-Improves body metabolism: Well cardio goes beyond physical benefits. It improves your nervous system and even your digestive system. So try out some cardio and get over your digestion related problems.

-Improves overall appearance: This one doesn’t really need any explanation. The more you burn, the better you look. So go for it and be the best version of yourself.

The list can go on and on. The solid point, in the end, is that you must pick yourself up and put in those miles. In the proud words of Game of Throne’s Mad King, “Burn Them All!”