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Say Yes to Salsa for Fitness

By: Bodyzone Comments: 1

If you think Salsa is just fun, you cannot be more wrong! It indeed is one of the most gratifying dance forms but what makes it a worldwide favourite is its high fitness quotient. People are enrolling for Salsa class to dance their way to a fitter healthier look. And so can you as Body Zone offers exclusive Salsa classes for dance-enthusiasts.

So what all fitness benefits can you think of when you enrol for a Salsa class? Here are top 5 fitness benefits as shared by our Salsa expert –

  • Salsa is a great cardio workout as you end up burning 200-300 calories in a 45-minute class depending on your intensity
  • Salsa is the best way to keep your bones and joints lubricated. This is especially very important for men and women above 40 who experience problems like arthritis owing to calcium not getting absorbed by the bones.
  • Salsa is one dance form that focuses on muscle workout for all body parts including the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves and core. So you are bound to get a toned look after 2-3 months of Salsa dancing.
  • Salsa involves a lot of balancing postures thus it improves your body balance and coordination. Enhanced body coordination results in lesser injuries and strengthens our stabilizer muscles as well.
  • Salsa helps to reduce weight as it is equally effective as Swimming and Cycling.

Other than fitness benefits, you will also experience a big boost in your confidence level. Moreover, people who dance are generally seen as charming and gorgeous. So get ready to be termed as Mr Charming or Ms Gorgeous once you become Salsa expert. And then who doesn't love to shake the belly like a Salsa dancer! So are you ready for the Salsa groove at Body Zone?