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A few ways to bulk up your muscles


A few ways to bulk up your muscles

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Regardless of whether you're a thin person frantically endeavoring to pack on your body with muscles or an over-weight person striving hard to reduce weight and tone-up the muscles, by practicing correct regimens by equalizing the calorie intake, supplements, and changing the way of living, you can achieve a body that you desire.

Let us understand some ways of how you can bring this transformation:

Stick to protein

Protein is a great way to add mass to your body. Always study the food labels to calculate the number of calories that you eat on a regular basis. Once you calculate the number, add it with 500 and stick to that number of calories each day.

Lower your reps

If you want to add bulk to your muscles, avoid doing more than 20 sets per muscle. It is even better if you stick around 6-12 reps which are gainful and enough for your muscle growth. Never extend your workout beyond 45 minutes. You can use heavy weight but do your rep at controlled, stabilized speed.

Stretch out

You can try different types of stretching exercises to let your body move and expand comfortably in different directions. This will help you move your body comfortably and keep you away from chronic injuries caused by workouts. Body Zone has one of the best gym trainers in Chandigarh who can teach you the perks of proper stretching routine devised to give you the desired body.

Eat regularly

It is advisable that one must never skip a meal since it is imperative to give the body the desired fuel for a better and healthy functioning. In order to give bulk to your body, stick to eating after every two hours. Let enough fuel enter your body especially proteins and carbohydrates.