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He may forget to breathe but he will not forget to train! Born to train, Guradesh is simply the best trainer in North India. An experience of 8 years along with an expertise in every level and diversity of workout, Guradesh is one of those trainers who never lets his clients quit. Physically as well as mentally! 'Heart over mind' has been his philosophy whereby he trains his clients to ignore ego and negativity and let their body go with the flow.

As one of the most experienced trainers in North India, Guradesh has been nicknamed as Fit-o-Pedia knowing everything and anything about fitness, working out, weight-training, strength-training and weight-loss.

The icing on the cake is his never-ending quest for knowledge in fitness. A qualified physiotherapist, an expert in Dry Needling and Pilates, well-trained in Kinesiology Taping and with many titles in body Building and Mr India championships, the man is still the most soft-spoken and down to earth. However, do not mistake his softness for leniency. When it comes to training and goal achieving, he has zero tolerance policy.

An inspiration for everyone, Guradesh stands tall in the Body Zone Team with his presence, ideals and achievements. He is indeed the Best of the Best – The best trainer in the best gym of Chandigarh.