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Kettlebell = Dumbbell + so much more!

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Kettlebell has an aura of its own; no wonder it is fast becoming the first choice of fitness-freaks all over the world. For those who aren't aware, Kettlebell is a cannon type weight with a thick handle and brings along much more into your weight training session than the traditional dumbbell workout. So what are those PLUS benefits that you get with a kettlebell workout? Take a look –

  • More effective – Some of the traditional exercises like Chest Press and Chest Fly lose their effectiveness over time when done with the same dumbbells. Challenge your body using kettlebells. First of all, it is going to be an altogether different way of doing Chest Fly with your kettlebells. Do not worry at all; the best trainers of Body Zone are right there with you to guide you for the right technique of using Kettlebells.
  • More power & strength – Kettlebell workout calls for more strength. Owing to its typical shape and a little heavy weight, it isn't easy to control a kettlebell. So if you want to surprise your body once-in-awhile, try the kettlebell workout than your regular dumbbell strength training session.
  • Variety – Kettlebells can be used in myriad ways and they are double effective than dumbbells whichever way you use them. For example, taking squats with Kettlebells is scientifically proven to be more effective than using dumbbells. There is no dearth of innovation when you have the kettlebell in your hand. So rather than doing the same exercises, try doing kettlebell deadlift or kettlebell swing. But remember, having your Body Zone trainer by your side while doing these exercises is highly recommended.
  • Hit the Core – For men and women who love to work on their abs, kettlebell workout is a better option to hit the core muscles. In fact, exercising with kettlebell requires several core muscles to act collectively. And you might get a reward in the form of toned belly or 6-pack abs, whatever you goal is.
  • More calorie burn – handling Kettlebell is no child's play; it makes your entire body work hard. And so you get to lose more calories in lesser time.

Now the catch is, Body Zone is one of those best gyms in Chandigarh where you get to train using kettlebells and with expert trainers' guidance. To know more on how much fun kettlebell workout is, meet us at Body Zone Sector 9 Chandigarh.